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Chef 2 Chef Foods welcomes you to our international specialty goods line. We continually explore the globe for new and exciting products.  Our research and passion have brought new riches to top chefs, caterers, and restaurants all over.  As a leading purveyor in specialty goods we offer more than 2,000 products including premium domestic and imported cheeses, beans, chocolates and couvertures, fruits, herbs and spices, pastry ingredients, rices, salts, sugars, vinegars and oils. 

 We strongly believe that your success is the key ingredient to our success.  Great food starts with great ingredients.



Available as listed. 

Aji Mirin, 60 oz bottle  (6/cs)

Chili/Garlic Sauce, gallon  (3/cs)

Curry Paste, Green, 35 oz tub  (12/cs)

Curry Paste, Red, 35 oz tub  (12/cs)

Curry Paste, Yellow, 35 oz tub  (12/cs)

Fish Sauce, 3 Crab, 25 oz bottle  (12/cs)

Hoisin Sauce, 5 lb can  (6/cs)

Korean Red Chile Paste, 3 kg tub  (4/cs)

Maggie, Seasoning Sauce, 27 oz bottle (6/cs)

Plum Sauce, 5 lb can  (6/cs)

Rice Cracker, blk sesame, 6 oz pack   (48/cs)


Sambal Oelek, gallon  (3/cs)

Soy Sauce,  dark, 1.8 liter bottle  (12/cs)

Soy Sauce, Kikkoman, gallon tin  (4/cs) 

Soy Sauce, Sweet, 20.9 oz bottle  (12/cs)

Spring Roll Pastry, 8", 25 sheets  (40/cs)

Spring Roll Wrapper, 22 cm, pack  (44/cs)

Spring Roll Wrapper, 31 cm, pack  (44/cs)

Sriracha, 28 oz bottle  (12/cs)

Steam Buns, 120 pc/cs

Sweet Chili Sauce, Dragonfly, 29 oz bottle   (12/cs)

Sweet Chili Sauce, Maeploy, 25 oz bottle  (12/cs) 


Bases, Sauces & Soups

Available as listed.


*Au Jus base, 2# can

Demi Glaze Supreme, 2# can

Demi Glaze, Dark Classique, 2# can

*Espagnole, 2# can

Hollandaise Mix Supreme, 2# can

 Veloutée Sauce, 24 oz can


*Ancho Pepper Base, 1# jar

*Clam Flavor Base (No MSG), 1# jar

*Crab Base, 1# jar

*Ham Base, 1# jar

*Lobster Base, 1# jar

*Mushroom Base, 1# jar

*Roasted Pepper Base, 1# jar

*Shrimp Base, 1# jar

*Turkey Base, 1# jar

Cuisine Santé

Gluten/Lactose/Allergen Free, (v) = vegan-friendly products

Demi Glace, brown, 2# can

Roux, White, 21 oz can

*Sweet Corn, soupmix, 30 oz can

*Tomato, soupmix, 30 oz can

Beef Flavored, stock, 2# can  (v)

Chicken Flavored, stock, 2# can  (v)

Vegetable Gluten Free, stock, 2# can  (v)


Menu Italian Specialties

Available as listed. # = Piece counts and weights are subject to vary from season to season due to harvesting.

Pepperonata, 5.8#

*Peppers, fantasy julienne sweet and sour, 29 oz jar

Pizzicosa (spicy pepper sauce), 28 oz jar

Pomodorina tomato sauce (neopolitan), 89 oz can

Salsafichi, fig and marsala wine sauce, 15 oz jar

Salsarancia, onion and orange sauce, 15 oz jar

*Sauce, artichoke heart (cold preparation), 27 oz jar

*Sauce, artichoke heart (hot preparation), 29 oz can

Sauce, mushroom, cream of truffle, 27 oz jar

Sauce, pesto, 29 oz can

*Sauce, porcini cream

Tomatoes, sliced soleggiata/olive oil, 28 oz can

*Tomatoes, tutto sole, 28 oz can

Antipasto gitano, 86 oz can

*#Artichoke quarters in oil and herbs, 170 ct, 5.5#

#Artichokes, roman w stem, 23 ct, 90 oz can

*Capers berries in vinegar, 28 oz 

*Capers in salt, 2.2# jar

Cream, black olive, 14 oz jar

#Grilled artichoke halves, 14-16 ct, 28 oz can

#Grilled eggplant, 23-28 ct, 27 oz can

*Grilled mixed vegetables, 28 oz

*#Grilled peppers (skin on), 12-14 ct, 28 oz can

#Grilled, peppers (peeled), 6-8 ct, 28 oz can 

*Harmony mixed cut vegetables, 29 oz can

Mushrooms, porcini in oil and herbs, 28 oz can

#Onions, cipolline in balsamic vinegar, 44-45 ct, 29 oz can

Peppers, Olives, Tomatoes


Arbequina, 6.6 # Tub

Castelvetrano, pitted 10# tub

Cerignola, green 7/9 10# pail

Cerignola, red, 9/12 10# pail

French mix, pitted, 8.8 # tub

Gaeta, 10 # tub

Greek mix, pitted  (kalamata, chalkidiki, black mt. Pelion)

Greek mix, whole  (kalamata, chalkidiki, black mt. Pelion)

Kalamata, pitted

Kalamata, jumbo, whole

Moroccan cured

Nicoise, pitted

Nicoise, unpasteurized

Picholine, unpasteurized

Spanish mix (natural gordal, verdial, zorzalena, cuquillo, cornicabra)


Roasted red florina

Roasted yellow florina

Peppadew golden, 105 oz #10 can

Peppadew sweet piquante, 105 oz #10 can

Piquillo 6 - #10 can - 5.5#  ea

Pepperoncini, gallon

Other Vegetables

Artichoke, castella,whole, case 6 x 3.41 lb/cs

Artichoke, quarters, case, 6 x 3 kg/cs

Capers in vinegar, nonpareil, la caperelle, Spain, 32 oz jar

Caperberries, la caperelle, spain, 24.5 oz jar

Cornichons, 11# can

Grape leaves (stuffed), dolmas, divina, 2 kg can

Tahini, 16 oz jar (12/cs)




San marzano, #10 can, 6/cs

Saporito, filetto di pomodoro, Stanislaus, #10 can

Roasted red, divina, 4# jar

Roasted yellow, divina, 4# jar

Sun dried, super red halves

Sun dried, super red julienne    


7/11 Ground, Stanislaus, #10 can

74-40 Tomato filets, Stanislaus, #10 can

Al dente pasta sauce, #10 can

Alta cucina, peeled, #10 can

Ciao, Italian peeled #10 can

Full red, diced,  #10 can

Full red, paste, #10 can

Full red, puree, #10 can

Pizzaiolo "autentico" pizza sauce, Stanislaus, #10 can


Oil & Vinegar

Available as listed.

Misc. Oils

Grapeseed, gallon    

La Tourangelle, coconut oil, refined, 414 ml jar    

La Tourangelle, hazelnut oil, 500 ml tin    

La Tourangelle, pistachio oil, 250 ml tin    

La Tourangelle, pumpkin seed oil, 250 ml tin    

La Tourangelle, walnut oil, 500 ml tin    

Lemon, 5 oz. bottle

Lime, 5 oz bottle    

Orange, 5 oz. bottle    

Hot chili, 7 oz. bottle    

Nikka, sesame, gallon    

White truffle, 8.5 oz bottle    

Black truffle, 8.45 oz bottle    

Olive Oils

Corto, 51/49 EVOO/Canola, 10 l box 

Corto, EVOO, 10 l box    

Corto, La Padella, blended, 10 l box    

Greek, Mediterranean Artisans, 1 l bottle    

Greek, mediterranean artisans, 3 l tin    

Figueroa Farms Organic Estates blend, 375 ml    

 *Villa Manodori, black pepper infused, 250 ml btl    

 *Villa Manodori, garlic infused, 250 ml btl    

*Villa Manodori, ginger infused, 250 ml btl    

Villa Manodori, lemon infused, 250 ml btl    

*Villa Manodori, red pepper infused, 250 ml btl    

Villa Manodori, rosemary infused, 250 ml btl


Misc. Vinegars

White, 5 litre    

Banyuls, 750 ml bottle    Black, 20.3 Oz. Bottle  

Cabernet sauvignon, 2 litre    

Champagne, 5 litre    

French apple cider, 5 litre    

Raspberry, 5 litre    

Tarragon, 16.9 Oz. Btl    

Tarragon, beaufor, 5 litre    

Red wine,  5 litre    

Rice wine, marukan, 1 gallon    

White wine, 5 litre    

Villares, spanish sherry, 5 litre    

Villares, ximenez, 250 ml

Balsamic Vinegar

Fig Condimento of Balsamic vinegar, 410 ml btl

4 leaf 250 ml  btl

2 leaf 500 ml  btl  

2 leaf 5 litre  btl  

Gemma Nera, 250 ml btl  

Villa Manodori, dark cherry, 250 ml btl

Villa Manodori, organic, 250 ml btl

Mustard & Glaze

Glaze, balsamic vinegar, dark, 500 ml btl    

Glaze, balsamic vinegar, white, 8.5 oz btl    

Mustard, Domaine, dijon, 11# tub    

Mustard, Domaine, whole grain, 11# tub    

Mustard, Honeycup, 9# tub



Available in 5# bags, or as listed. 
For information on how to use cedar planks, click here.

Apple, wood chips

Cherry, wood chips

Hickory, wood chips

Pecan, wood chips

Mesquite, wood chips

Cedar, wood planks, 5/16” x 5 1/2” x 5” (100 ct/cs)

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